The Woodstar range of table saws is available through a variety of DIY suppliers and is manufactured by the German company, Woodster.

A Selction of the Best Selling Woodstar Table Saws

What kind of table saws can you buy from them?

Woodster manufactures two models of table saw for sale in the UK, the Woodstar ST10L and the Woodstar ST12.

One of the really excellent features of the first of these models is that it not only comes complete with a folding stand, but also fitted transport wheels, making it ideal for workshop or off-site use. It is light enough to be carried and will fit easily into the boot of the average car.

Powered by a 2000W motor, it is also supplied with left, right and rear extension tables to provide a good and stable working surface, and its top quality blade ensures smooth and effortless cutting across a range of applications.

The ST12 model is great for use on all types of wood and is both light and versatile. Although heavier than the ST10, it is also portable and is provided with wheels, lifting handles and a stand. Again it comes with left, right and rear extension tables as part of the package and uses a 2000W motor.

Both models are very reasonably-priced and represent great all-round machines with plenty of functionality.

Why should you think about choosing a Woodstar table saw?

Woodster manufactures solid table saws for use by DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. What you get for your money is a versatile and portable machine at a very reasonable price, as well as one which benefits from the engineering standards that we have come to expect from a German company.

What should you expect from their website?

Woodster do not have their own website, but provide their machines via UK outlets such as Screwfix.com and DIYtools.co.uk.

In conclusion

Although Woodster’s range of table saws is limited, the models that they do supply in the UK will provide you with precision cutting capability at reasonable cost.