Shop Around for Your New Table Saw Blades

Aug 1, 04:20 PM

If you have always wanted a table saw it can be really exciting when you finally decide on the right model for you. But even when you have bought it, taken it home and used it for the first time, you will still have times when you need to buy spares for it.

The most common spare you will need to buy is of course a new blade. A table saw blade is basically a circular piece of metal. The blade is the entire outer edge so you have to be careful when handling it.

There are lots of them available, some of which are brand name items and others which are standard shop bought ones. The important thing is to make sure that if you get a shop’s own brand model, it should fit the brand name saw you bought. It should have the appropriate model number or code on the outside. It will say something like ‘compatible with…’ so you can tell whether you have the right one or not.

When you buy the table saw blades do make sure you shop around and you don’t just buy them the first place you get to. It is important to shop around to get the best possible prices. There are countless suppliers of table saw blades online today, and the prices can vary much more than you might think. Obviously own brand makes will be cheaper, but you have to consider the quality as well. If you want the very best you should stick to the brand name and get the cheapest price you can for it. It takes a while to shop around but it usually pays you dividends in the shape of a lower price.

Make sure you read all the fitting instructions when it comes to changing the blade over as well. Remember that even though you are changing the old one it will still be fairly sharp. It could still cause an injury if you aren’t careful.

One final tip – watch out for multipack bargains too. Sometimes you’ll get a buy one get one half price offer that can save you money.